Every company has the social responsibility to act in a socially, ecologically and economically sustainable manner. Hotels and employees of the Cocoon Group take this sustainability commitment to heart in their daily work. Here you will find an overview of the sustainability measures of our hotel.


Would you like to make a contribution yourself? Then book our Green Rate now (from 2 nights stay) and help to protect our environment. All you have to do is to waive the daily room cleaning, in addition you will receive a 5,-€ voucher for the hotel bar per night and a bar of "Die-Good-Chocolate" on top.

Economic sustainability

Leaves of the Green Rate Logo of the Cocoon Hotels Munich, climate neutral rate, help with environmental protection

A society should not live beyond its economic means, as this would inevitably lead to losses for the future generations. Here you will learn more about our endeavours:

- Our investment in sustainability brings a return on investment
- Our guests are willing to bear any additional costs for our sustainable actions.
- Economically sustainable use of resources

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Our business model, a lean hotel concept with efficient use of space, forgoes facilities with high energy consumption and outlay, such as fitness rooms, spas or restaurants. We can pass onto our guests savings made on materials and personnel costs by way of a good price-performance ratio in 1A inner-city locations.



Our investment in sustainability brings a return on investment

For us, economic sustainability means also knowing that every investment which we make in the field of sustainability and responsible action in our society ends up having a positive impact on our economic performance. We value not just hard facts such as our operating results but all image effects too.


Our guests are willing to pay any extra charges for our sustainable action.

In the summer of 2019 together with the Faculty of Tourism at Munich University of Applied Science we conducted a guest poll on the topic of sustainability. The result proved that our guests are not only significantly more conscious of sustainability and day-to-day mindfulness. It also revealed their willingness to pay more for a sustainable hotel stay. This represents a decisive contribution to our economic sustainability.


Economically sustainable use or resources

Working daily as sustainably as possible with our (natural) resources has both economic and ecological effects. Energy-saving measures in our hotel such as LED lighting in all buildings, purchasing green electricity, building automation, use of water-saving dish washers, forgoing strong sanitary and pipe cleaners and practising waste avoidance management all contribute to a sustainable use of resources.


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