Our sustainability measures

The Cocoon Hotels have set themselves the goal to act and operate more sustainably in 2019.
We have decided to progressively achieve progress in the fields of action "environment", "economy" and "social",  documenting our measures right here.
Only in this way can we live up to our responsibility towards our environment, society, ourselves and, of course, our future generations.


The three dimensions of sustainability

Sustainability is an action principle for the use of resources. It has its focus on the preservation of the essential properties, the stability and the natural regeneration capacity of the respective system.
Sustainability can be subdivided into the three fields of action or dimensions "environment", "economy" and "social".

Environmental sustainability: It is based strongly on the original idea of not exploiting nature. Ecologically sustainable would be a way of life that claims the natural foundations of life only to the extent that they regenerate.

Economic sustainability: Economic sustainability is an integrated part of sustainability and means that we must use, safeguard and sustain resources (human and material) to create long-term sustainable values by optimal use, recovery and recycling. In other words, we must conserve finite natural resources today so that future generations too can cater to their needs. In general, an economic mode is considered sustainable if it can be operated permanently.

Social sustainability: A state or society should be organized in a way that social tensions are not contained and conflicts can not escalate, but can be carried out in a peaceful and civilian way.



Environmental sustainability

In the area of "environmental protection" and the conservation of resources, we were able to successfully initiate actions and measures in the recent years.
For example, we have been operating our Cocoon Hotels with 100% green electricity from Stadtwerke München since 2009.



Since 2014 we offer our Go Green Voucher: our guests have the option to abstain the room cleaning during the stay. In return you will receive a 5 € voucher for our hotel bar.
In this way, together with our guests, we make a small contribution to resource conservation and environmental protection.



Hum hum hum! Bees bumble around!
Our Cocoon Hotel Sendlinger Tor welcomed 45,000 new hotel guests in August 2018. Two bee colonies now inhabit our hotel roof and contribute from now on to the preservation of important wild and cultivated plants. We wish our little bees lots of fun while collecting nectar, spreading pollen and saving the world.
A great side effect of this project: This year we are going to taste the first batch of Cocoon honey!





Social substainability

In 2018, the Cocoon Hotels and their employees supported various actions and social projects with donations in cash and in kind.
Here is an excerpt of our social commitment. 


The Cocoon Hotels' € 10,000 cash donation to the Campus for Change project helped feed 950 families in Kenya as part of the Dinner for Change campaign.



The Cocoon Hotels also launched a rousing campaign for the Outpatient Children's Hospice in Munich this year. In the lobby of the hotels at Hautbahnhhof and Stachus stood each a beautiful Christmas tree with wishlist-tags. Against a donation for one of our projects, the guests could choose a tag. It was also possible to support this commitment through direct donations 



With our donation campaign in the Cocoon Sendlinger Tor we supported the Munich orphanage and the St. Clemens Maria Kinderheim. Again, our guests could help us to make children's hearts leap on christmas.


In terms of social responsibility, the Cocoon family also wants to improve their own staff management.
The breakfast for our employees has a long tradition at Cocoon. After the official end of the breakfast times, our staff has the opportunity to have breakfast extensively. In this way we avoid the unnecessary removal of edible food, protect our environment through waste prevention and have happy and strengthened employees!



In addition, we support our employees in further education. Cocoon promotes further training with 300, - € per employee per year!


Team events, such as our shared nature outing, are part of Cocoon's sustainability efforts that sustainably enhance the well-being and sense of belonging of our team.


In addition to the already existing measures to strengthen social sustainability in our Cocoon hotels, the salaries of our housekeeping staff and apprentices (at € 1000, in the first year of apprenticeship) were raised significantly in 2019.




Economical substainability

Our business model, a sleek hotel concept with efficient use of space, dispenses with unnecessary energy and expense-creating facilities such as fitness rooms, spas or restaurants. We can pass on the cost of goods and labor costs saved to our guests in the form of a good benefit-cost ratio   in 1A city center locations.

In our Cocoon Hauptbahnhof we promote the e-mobility of our guests:
At our e-gas station, guests can charge their electric car for free - with 100% green electricity from Stadtwerke München!



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