Schwarz-weiß Portrait des jungen Johannes Eckelmann bei der Unterzeichnung eines Zehnjahrespachtvertrag für das Hotel Bristol

Story & Mission

It’s all about Cocoon

Who do you want to be today, caterpillar or butterfly?

Learn more about what makes us tick, what we all live and love together. Dive into the world of Cocoon and let us tell you how the brand came into the world and how we are constantly evolving. We take you on our Cocoon metamorphosis.

Mission & Vision

Cocoon is your lifestyle hotel in the centre of your city. Individual, sustainable and modern spaces where they belong: Right in the middle, among the people, for each of you, of us. Urbanity is not a luxury good – it is diversity, freedom, authenticity. Let things take their course and let yourself drift. Not perfect and yet everything is there. And above all, it is colourful. In our cocoons you can let go, give in to inspiration and reinvent yourself. Or arrive, recharge your batteries and finally take care of the most important thing in life:You.

Our Values


Naturalness, diversity, warmth: that is COCOON. Why exactly? You can find out here:

Detailaufnahme eines blauen Schmetterlings auf einem Grashalm


Cocoon stands for naturalness. Not having to conform – because it’s nice that you are different. A butterfly needs no disguise. We trust in the decelerating effect of natural materials and fabrics, in unexciting colors and sustainably processed. With a unique story – like life itself. You can feel your room, lose yourself in it and find yourself again, lean back and recharge. Finally be yourself. We are too, we promise.

Zwei Hände mit unterschiedlicher Hautfarbe die ihre kleinen Finger ineinander verhaken als ein Zeichen der Vielfältigkeit


When you say Cocoon, you mean diversity. A colorful world in an even more colorful one. Diversity is real and more than just a fashion term. We create places where variety is normal and normality is boring. You want contrasts, modernity and surprises? We give them to you. You love it new, lively, extraordinary? So do we. Our hotels reflect the multifaceted nature and welcome everyone who wants more color in life.

Eine Gruppe von Freunden umarmt sich auf einem Feld stehend im Sonnenuntergang


When you hear Cocoon, you think of warmth. Of the feeling of being at home that comes over you when you feel truly welcome, even in a foreign place. As an owner-managed concept hotel, we convey a genuine passion for the hotel business and hospitality: for us, personal contact with you is just as important as contact with each other. That is why we attach great importance to being there. And really there: attentive, helpful and cordial – at all times. So: Talk to us, send us a DM, an email or a letter – we look forward to hearing from you!

Cocoon Story

How it started vs. how it’s going


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