Sleep like on clouds

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You’ve slept really well again in a long time and are wondering why? The answer can be found in the hand-picked down from Mühldorfer, which is washed in chalk-free mountain spring water from the Bavarian Forest. The down and feathers are washed up to five times in crystal-clear water and then steam-heated to over 120 °C to ensure they are free of germs and dust. The fibre duvets are specially designed for allergy suffers and ensure a restful night’s sleep. Organically grown cotton is used for duvets and pillows and the refined fabrics wick away moisture quickly and efficiently. This creates a healthy sleeping environment and promotes undisturbed periods of rest. Mühldorfer is a family business in its 5th generation and is committed to being a down-to-earth employer in the municipality of Haidmühle and the region.
Enjoy the comfort and cosiness of our beds, sleep like on clouds and start the new day refreshed, ready to explore the most beautiful corners of the city.