Renewable energy for more sustainability

Sustainability, Environmental
Nahaufnahme von vier leuchteten Glühbirnen

For a future worth living, one thing is certain: CO2 emissions must fall!
And we also want to contribute to this with various commitments. One of them is that we have been supplying our Cocoon Hotels exclusively with 100% M-Ökostrom (green electricity) from Stadtwerke München for several years.

With M-Ökostrom, we are making a statement and, together with over 200,000 other customers, contributing to the expansion of renewable energies and climate protection.

Stadtwerke München already has a generation capacity from its own plants that is equivalent to more than half of Munich’s electricity requirements.
Stadtwerke München ensures that green electricity is sourced 100% from renewable, environmentally friendly energy sources.
In addition, M-Ökostrom is regional, because it comes 100% from renewable energy plants in the Munich area: For example, from the Isar 1 run-of-river power plant in the Thalkirchen district or the Hans-Jensen-Weg photovoltaic plant in Fröttmaning.

With every kilowatt hour of green electricity we purchase, one cent also flows directly into the construction of new green energy plants in Munich and the region.