Pinsa & Bar – for the modern urbanite


In our unique Urban Oasis, surrounded by Munich’s personalities, you can enjoy a homemade pinsa to suit your taste. The Pinsa Romana, also known as a trendy food, looks almost like a pizza, but is much lighter and more digestible, as the dough is made from wheat wheat flour, soya flour and rice flour and contains fewer calories and carbohydrates than conventional pizza dough. However, we not only offer ordinary wheat dough, but also a wholemeal version for those who want to maintain a balanced diet but still don’t want to compromise on enjoyment. The decisive difference to pizza lies in the ingredients and the preparation. The long rising time of the dough, which is between 24 hours and three days, is particularly important. This eliminates the fermentation process in the stomach, which makes the pinsa even more digestible – so you can enjoy it without any worries. Cocktail dreams come true with us. In our Cocoon Pinsa & Bar you will find an extensive selection of delicious, unusual drinks created by the best. From classic drinks such as the Hugo to our own creative creations such as the “Crazy Mosi” or the “Hot Uschi”, there is something to suit every taste. Cocktail evening and hangover-free? The best way to do this is with our non-alcoholic cocktails created especially for you. It’s Friday night and you’re looking for a bar with that certain something, then our urban oasis is the place for you!