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In the pre-Christmas period, it’s not just the smell of mulled wine and freshly baked cookies in the air, but also the atmosphere of charity and sharing. It is a matter close to our hearts to make a positive contributionREAD MORE

Sleep like on clouds

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You’ve slept really well again in a long time and are wondering why? The answer can be found in the hand-picked down from Mühldorfer, which is washed in chalk-free mountain spring water from the Bavarian Forest. The down and feathersREAD MORE

One day in Munich

There is always something to discover in Munich. Whether it’s 1 o’clock at lunchtime or 1 o’clock at night – there’s always something going on here. If you want to experience everything the city has to offer in 24 hours,READ MORE

One day in Salzburg

Have you always wanted to visit Salzburg, the city of Mozart, but don’t know exactly what you want to see and experience during your stay? Why don’t we start with a good breakfast? At our Cocoon Hotel Salzburg, you canREAD MORE

Pinsa & Bar – for the modern urbanite

In our unique Urban Oasis, surrounded by Munich’s personalities, you can enjoy a homemade pinsa to suit your taste. The Pinsa Romana, also known as a trendy food, looks almost like a pizza, but is much lighter and more digestible,READ MORE

Who is that on the wall?

Have you noticed our unique painting in the lobby? If not, then we’ve probably done something wrong. If you have, you’ve probably wondered who the figures in the painting are and who or what they are supposed to represent. TheREAD MORE