Social, Sustainability

To start the working day invigorated and also do something good for the environment, we have thought of a very special benefit for our Cocoonies. After the official end of the guests’ breakfast times, the team is allowed to help themselves to the buffet as they please. Here they have the choice between rolls and pretzels with different cheese and sausage variations, vegetables, fruit, mueslis, yogurts, jams, fresh scrambled eggs with herbs as well as a small selection of pastries. In other words, everything you could want for an excellent start to the day.

At the buffet, everyone can compose their breakfast individually according to their own wishes and exchange ideas at the table together with the other Cocoonies, or discuss the rest of the day. This approach definitely has several advantages: on the one hand, our employees can fortify themselves free of charge for the day ahead. The second not uninteresting fact is that this approach saves a lot of food from being thrown away. Every year, around 12 million tons of food are thrown away in Germany alone. That is about 75 kg per capita and year. Reason enough for us to prevent this to a large extent and in the same breath to offer our employees a benefit.

For Cocoon Hotels, this is the best solution in a simple way to help the environment and empower employees. A healthy breakfast is probably the best foundation to successfully master the day, because not for nothing is breakfast the most important meal of the day.