Ein von Suto Suto gemaltes Kunstwerk auf Keilrahmen


You have already tasted our delicious Pinsas and wondered where they got their names? Did we just make them up, or do the names and their associations have a deeper meaning? We’ll tell you.

unique piece of art

Munich’s most iconic people in one picture

You can admire the faces behind the Pinsas in our Pinsa Bar. SUTOSUTO has outdone itself here and immortalised the crème de la crème from Munich. SUTOSUTO is the name of a duo of artists from Hamburg who like to use a wide variety of materials, working methods and production methods to combine their art. Their art lives from contrasts, absurdities and realities and mixes the most diverse styles.

Our Pinsas

& where they got their names from

That our Pinsa would not get ordinary names was a certainty from the very beginning. The question is, how did our Pinsas get their names?


FOXY, THE UR-BAYER: The giant head dominating the picture belongs to Foxy. Foxy was discovered by SUTOSUTO on their quest for a true Bavarian at the Munich Oktoberfest. In their search they came across Foxy. He may not be a Bavarian, but he is an Englishman who has a great love for Bavarian culture. And just as Foxy loves Bavarian culture, we love a good Pinsa with bacon and onion.

PINSA Monaco

Who is this Monaco Franze? Monaco Franze – Der ewige Stenz, is a Bavarian television series about the main character of the same name. Due to its enormous popularity, the series was not only repeated several times, it was later also shown in the evening programme at prime time. The

Pinsa Uschi

And why is Pinsa Uschi called the way she is? Well, the person who gave it its name probably couldn’t think of anything else. He was so distracted by the beauty of Ursula “Uschi” Obermaier that the Pinsa with burrata, marinated cherry tomatoes and rocket couldn’t have had a better name.

Pinsa Fey

Ludwig Fey, the most Munich of all Munichers, became famous under Karl Valentin as a comedian, folk singer, author and film producer. He could not be missing from our Pinsa creations either and is now the namesake of our vegan Pinsa Fey.

Pinsa Sissi

We love Greek feta as much as Empress Sissi loved Greece. Elisabeth of Austria-Hungary (Empress of Austria and Queen of Hungary) grew up in Munich, among other places, and more than earned her own Pinsa because of her uniqueness.

Pinsa Daisy

Have you found the little dog in the painting yet? That’s Daisy. Not only the namesake of the Pinsa with fresh smoked salmon, rocket, onions and dill on sour cream, but also the name of Rudolph Moshammer’s Yorkshire Terrier. Munich fashion designer, with an extravagant wig on his head and his Yorkshire Terrier “Daisy” under his arm. His murder attracted a great deal of media attention.

Pinsa Bavaria

As the female symbol and secular patron saint of Bavaria, Bavaria is the name-giver of our Pinsa topped with Bavaria Blue, Pinsa Bavaria. Of course, the Pinsa is not only topped with Bavaria Blue, but also with juicy pear wedges, rocket and walnuts. The perfect Pinsa for those who can’t decide between sweet and savoury.

Pinsa Uli

Uli Hoeneß, known to most people as the manager of FC Bayern Munich and probably known to even more people because of his prison sentence for tax evasion. But what probably few people know is HoWe Wurstwaren KG, which he runs together with his sons in Nuremberg. From here they supply Aldi and Feinkost Käfer, among others, with a wide variety of sausage products.

Pinsa Anna

A very special one

Probably the only face you won’t find on our wall is the face behind Pinsa Anna. However, you can often meet her in person in our Pinsa Bar. She is none other than the heart of the hotel, our hotel manager. Anna not only puts her heart and soul into the Cocoon Sendlinger Tor, but has also put her heart into the Pinsa Anna and perfected it. The most delicious ingredients such as goat cheese, beetroot, rocket, olives and capers make themselves at home here on a bed of tomato sauce and sour cream and truly create a taste explosion in your mouth. What does Anna look like? Come and meet her.


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