E-filling station in our Cocoon Hauptbahnhof

Nahaufnahme von einem Auto welches gerade an einer E-Tankstelle angesteckt wird

The advantages of an electric car now speak for themselves! Less wear and tear, lower operating costs, environmentally friendly driving…the list is long!

E-filling stations are sprouting like mushrooms and also in our hotel Cocoon Hauptbahnhof you can charge your electric car during your stay.

We want to promote e-mobility for our guests with our hotel’s own charging stations. At our two e-charging stations, your electric car can charge almost free of charge – with 100% green electricity from Stadtwerke München. Just rent your underground parking space at Cocoon Hauptbahnhof for 18€ per day and charge your car without additional fees at one of our e-charging stations.

One of the two charging stations is exclusively available for Tesla vehicles, the second can be used by all electric cars.