Der Founder und Owner der Cocoon Hotels Johannes Eckelmann steht auf einem Dach - im Hintergrund sieht man die Dächer der Stadt
Zwei Frauen mit gelben Schutzhelmen stehen auf stehen auf der Baustelle eines Cocoon Hotels

Development & Expansion

Ready for even more Cocoon?

In times of increasing urban hectic, increased pressure to perform and constant accessibility, travelers are increasingly looking for places of retreat. Cocoon wants to focus specifically on such places of retreat. We create places where guests, regardless of their reason for travelling, can find inspiration, encounter naturalness and experience diversity.

We are ready and want to enrich the German-speaking region with our urban oases.

Cocoon your urban Oasis

Naturalness, diversity & warmth

Conceptually, there is a return to the original meaning of the term cocoon. This results in three pillars that support the concept of Cocoon next: the mysterious caterpillar, the resting cocoon and the sociable butterfly. Through these three components and their contents, a new, holistic meaning is ascribed to the name “Cocoon”.

Schwarz/weiß Aufnahme einer Raupe auf einem Zweig


The moving caterpillar embodies serenity. It moves slowly and dignified. The knowledge that this animal will one day turn into a butterfly gives it something mystical and mysterious. An interesting parallel to the caterpillar is the English term “caterpillar”. This term is also used for caterpillar vehicles. Thus, not only the caterpillar, but also the powerful caterpillar vehicle is significant.

Schwarz/weiß Aufnahme eines Schmetterlings welcher gerade aus seinem Kokon schlüpft


The cocoon stands for metamorphosis and transformation, yet it also contains the function of a protective shell to ensure this change. The caterpillar spins itself into its cocoon independently. In this shell there is peace and security.

Schwarz/weiß Aufnahme eines Schmetterlings welcher auf dem kleinen Finger einer Hand sitzt


When the former caterpillar leaves the cocoon, a colourful butterfly leaves the protective shell and flies deep into the world. It radiates joie de vivre, beauty and lightness. Due to the metamorphosis from caterpillar to butterfly, it often symbolises resurrection as well as joy and happiness.

Special Features

  • Proven profitability and high profitability of the Cocoon concept through the three existing hotels in Munich (in terms of operations, processes, cost structure, average rate, occupancy and guest ratings).
  • High degree of centralisation of all functional areas (accounting, marketing, reservations, etc.) as well as lean structures with a low catering share enable low operational personnel intensity (personnel cost ratio at approx. 23 %)
  • Due to the low fixed costs, operating break-even already from 40 % occupancy, GOP margin > 50 % Crisis-resistant business model due to central locations
    business model due to central locations

Target cities

  • Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Leipzig, Munich, Düsseldorf, Cologne.
    There continues to be interest in urban oases for new Cocoon Hotels in locations close to Munich, such as Augsburg, Nuremberg and Regensburg, as well as in other German-speaking countries. For example, the Cocoon Hotel opened in the centre of Salzburg in June 2022.


  • Rent up to 20-25 euros per m² (depending on location and location)
  • Room sizes: 14-24 m² gross floor area, 30-35 m² gross floor area
  • Finishing costs: from 39,000 euros per room (from core & shell without FF&E)


  • Rent or lease
    New or existing building (preferred)
  • 2,000 – 7,000 m² GFA office or hotel space vacant or available for lease at short notice
  • Ground floor areas dispensable; these may be subject to other uses
  • Single – or multi-tenant properties with other uses
  • Preferred 1A and 1B city centre locations within walking distance of restaurants, nightlife and cultural hotspots
  • Good connections to the public transport network, parking spaces in the building or nearby

Gerrit Wenz

For more information about “COCOON NEXT” you can contact Gerrit Wenz via the following contact form, phone number or e-mail address. You are also welcome to download our “COCOON NEXT” information brochure.
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