Cocoon story & mission

Our mission

Our personality is formed of six core values and conveyed to the outside world on a day-to-day basis.








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But without our guests, our staff, our neighbours - without you - we would only be an empty shell. Our values are shared ones, and we will only achieve them through resounding strength.

Our Cocoon Story

"From little acorns do mighty oaks grow".

This is how Cocoon Hotels started off small some 25 years ago when a young man by the name of Johannes Eckelmann decided to try his hand at the hotel trade.


Coming from a small place in the one-time shoe manufacturing town of Pirmasens, Johannes left home in Rhineland Palatinate to study in Munich. And so the adventure begins.


In 1994, Johannes leased the very traditional Seibel guest house in Reichenbachstraße 8.

Starting with little capital, previous knowledge and contacts in the Munich hotel trade. Nevertheless, the native from Palatinate takes to the role of host with his positive and engaging way of beginning. With plenty of personal commitment for his guests and business acumen, he continues to successfully run the small guest house on Viktualienmarkt. Johannes enjoys life as a hotelier in Munich, and successfully running the Siebel guest house encourages him to soon dream of bigger things.


In 1996, two years later, the aspiring young hotelier already has a new property in sight - but it will still be another 12 years until the first Cocoon Hotel is opened. Johannes first signed a 10-year lease agreement for the Hotel Bristol in Pettenkoferstraße. Right away the young hotelier had to overcome unexpected obstacles.


Over Christmas 1998, the radiator pipes burst in more than half of the 50 rooms of the newly opened hotel building.


In 2003 there was a fire in the building, where fortunately no-one was injured, but substantial renovation work was still required. But Johannes still managed to master these challenges and come through these difficult times as a stronger businessman - also and particularly thanks to the passionate and energetic support of his staff.


Until 2006, the Hotel Bristol was under Johannes's leadership Two years later the first hotel of the Cocoon brand saw the light of day, which dared to go against the financial crisis damaging the world economy. The budget lifestyle hotel trade was born. When entering the Cocoon on Sendlinger Tor, not only does every day stress fall away, but the traveller also makes a statement by staying at the Cocoon. Luxury doesn't need to be expensive, but the following needs to be achieved above all: Ensuring every individual's personal well-being at all times and continuing to maximise it. And this is just what Cocoon achieves thanks to its unconventional, fresh and accompanying loving brand personality.


Since 2012, Cocoon Stachus has been receiving travellers who appreciate staying at a hotel with an informal, authentic and design-oriented atmosphere. In a quiet side street between Hauptbahnhof and Stachus, the second Cocoon reveals itself as an urban oasis in which the forest theme stands out as the star.


Mid September –  the 183rd Munich Oktoberfest celebrates opening with 100,000 visitors and beer lovers, And with it Munich's latest newborn: the Cocoon Hauptbahnhof. The Alpine experience world, into which the latest member of the still small Cocoon family takes you, is not only appreciated by international travellers, but also the locals from the start.

Johannes's joy about the successful new opening is significant, but it does not stop him from dreaming of bigger things.. Why not also create urban oases in other cities? Travellers would be able to appreciate the fresh and surprising style of the Cocoon brand not just in Munich. While the flagship for our new brand generation is being created in our first Cocoon in Lindwurmstraße, which recalls the meaning of the word "Cocoon", further downtown locations in German and Austrian destinations are under negotiation.


Ten years ago, Johannes Eckelmann started with his Cocoon Hotels, and they still should continue to grow.

The anniversary was duly celebrated in the circle of employees, partners and friends of the Cocoon Hotels. This unique event took place in the Almgarten of the Cocoon Hotel Hauptbahnhof.   


Another Cocoon will see the light of day in 2023 in the Isar metropolis! Together with the traditional Munich company Rischart, Johannes and his team are developing an apartment hotel in a prime location directly on the Theresienwiese. In the adjacent Rischart Café, guests of the Cocoon will be able to network with the neighbourhood. On the roof terrace, this community will have an unobstructable view over the Theresienwiese on warm days and evenings - not only follow the hustle and bustle of the Oktoberfest.