Explore our Cocoon Secrets

At Cocoon, we don't just know about the top sights in Munich, but also about the small but refined squares sought and loved by locals on a daily basis. We delve with you into our Munich and don't just dedicate our hotels to you on site, but some of our personal secrets. Become part of our Cocoonity and let yourself be inspired.

Dessertträume in München

Vegan in Munich

Munich is not only the capital of Schweinshaxn, Weißwurst, Leberkas & Co. No, also vegans, vegetarians and all those who would like to try something different, get in munich now their money's worth. Here we present you our favorite places for vegetable nutrition ...
We hope you enjoy discovering, trying and feasting!

Pizza, Pasta and Amore in Munich

Pizza, Pasta and Amore

As Italy's most northern city, in 'Monaco di Baviera' we can easily keep pace with the pizza and pasta that we would otherwise enjoy in Bella Italia.

So you don't need to get bored in a traffic jam on the Brenner autobahn, but take your place right at the table, and we will show you our favourite Italian in the city...


Espresso & Coffees in Munich

The Arabica-Robusta debate

It can save the day, and the search for the answer is lengthy. This refers to the search for the best coffee in town.

Because Monday may just never shake off its poor image, and because spirits are often only slightly raised. Because an afternoon low often overtakes you more than you want, or because you just love its aroma... We have hunted for Munich's best coffee kick and present to you our favourite place for terrific coffee...

Places for dessert in Munich

Places for dessert in Munich

We can all taste the sweet temptations awaiting us all around. The reward after a stressful day and the ice-cold way to cool down on a hot summer day. There is often infinite choice, and finding the perfect type of ice cream, type of cake, or dessert from foreign shores in an ocean of a thousand sins is often difficult. We would like to present to you our small but excellent favourite sugar hits in Munich, and we certainly have something for every taste here.